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Boondocks _Uncut
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Boondocks_Uncut community! The mods have a few simple rules:

-Try to keep posts relevant to the comic or the TV show

-Un-PC jokes are in this show, so some Un-PC talk will occassionally....or rampantly occur here. This is fine, we believe almost anything is funny if presented right. The last thing we want to do is censor something that could be seen as funny. If you cannot handle it, this community is not for you.

-Stuff that obviously is spewing with hate is not acceptable. Trolls will be banned without warning. And peed on by R. Kelly.

-If an image is large, place it under a cut, so it wont mess up people's Friends pages. If applicable, any relevant pictures, that could get a person surfing the net at work in deep doo should be placed under an NSFW cut.

-Please, no posts of images that have nothing to do with the comic or Tv show. Although if anyone dresses up as a character, or sees a funny picture of someone resembling a character, feel free to post away.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"Dont like the rules? Get the hell out!"

Any questions? email boondocksmods@yahoo.com

Like our icon? You can thank osideous for it. He posted a bunch on other boondocks communities. We hope he will post some here too.

If you like crazy funny shit in general, wander over to freestyleretard it is a great place to talk about the other adult swim shows or the most random stuff/links ever.